Naples, the Gospel rings out in the basilica of Sanità


A journey from the ancient sacred music to contemporary Gospel, through the Spiritual and Praise & Worship. A unique opportunity, ready to materialize in a context nothing short of extraordinary: the Basilica di Santa Maria della Sanità. Is here, in fact, that the music and the message of the Tennessee men’s choir meets one of the oldest neighborhoods in Naples. And it does so in the very heart of its most famous Basilica, celebrating, in doing so, that unity so rare to experience on a daily basis, between the sacred and the culture of the sacred, in the sign of the “pentagram”. The concert is scheduled for this evening, starting at 20.30, in the aisles of the historical religious structure dating from the seventeenth century and that the inhabitants of the district Sanità familiar with the name “San Vincenzo” said “Munacone“, as in the interior houses the statue of the saint Dominican Vincent Ferreri. And you will see for the first time in Italy the exhibition of Tennessee Men’s Chorale, directed by Dr. Paul Clark. An “ensemble” on the scene for more than 40 years old and consists of volunteer musicians, accompanied by two women who play the keyboard, who perform in their own churches at the local level, three, four times a year and every two years outside by the United States. In 2012, in fact, the artists of the Tennessee men’s choir performed in Brazil and in England and this evening in Naples, will sing for the first time in Italy. The choral experience gives them the opportunity to share a journey and a musical experience by spreading the Christian message and carrying around a theme of peace, joy and forgiveness.

Free concert of the Tennessee men’s choir
Thursday, October 9, 2014, h 8:30 pm
Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità
Piazza Sanità, 14 Napoli
info +39.0817443714 –