Comicon 2013: Maradona by Manara, by D’Alo to Cavazzano


Dozens of cartoonists from all over the world. Exhibitions on the theme chosen for 2013, the architecture, but also on Diego Armando Maradona. Animation, with the most innovative and the presence of the master Enzo D’Alo. Games, with wide spaces for Gamecon. Music, with concerts that will prolong the days until late evening. All this is Comicon, 2013, the International Comic Fair of Naples, who returns to the Overseas Exhibition April 25 to 28 for 4 days very intense for all fans of comics and pop culture.

The appointment of Naples is now in its fifteenth edition this year will fill the Overseas Exhibition with thousands of young fans of the comic but also cosplayers, free to ‘be’ their favorite hero for four days. The main exhibition will be dedicated to the relationship between comics and architecture, continuing the journey to discover the relationships between the comic and the other 8 arts comics and architecture are united by design and imagination, and often they interacted with each other.