Art sites and museums open for Sunday, December 6 throughout Campania


Successfully continuing the initiative launched by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, which allows a free visit to museums and art sites, archaeological excavations state, every first Sunday of the month.

In the capital of Campania, as in the whole Campania region, are really many museums that have joined the idea, recording thus a significant increase in visits and returning the desire a little ‘everyone to visit a place of art.

In Campania, some museums have expanded the project with openings also on Saturday evening from 20 to 24 for those who want to spend a weekend a bit ‘different and interesting. There are four places of art that leave open its doors on Saturday night, with admission fee: the National Archaeological Museum, the Capodimonte Museum, the Royal Palace and the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum., Ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

It only remains to choose the magic of the museum on Saturday night, or a pleasant Sunday morning outing amidst the beautiful archaeological excavations or monumental parks in Campania.

For information on the monuments participating in the initiative click on the following link: