In Naples Days of the Dinosaur, the exhibition of life-size dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus rex

A journey through time, to the Mesozoic, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. This offers a new edition of Days of the Dinosaur, who after been around the world, returns to town for the second time. 30 life-size dinosaurs that will animate an artificial jungle that will fill even light and sound.

A trip to learn, have fun, how they lived these extinct giants. And ‘the Real Albergo of the Poor, the monumental building of the’ 700 greatest of Naples, in Piazza Carlo III, to act as a stage in this fascinating exhibition from October 9. Through special technologies, and through the study of paleontologists and professionals, you can admire the giant of the earth as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the biggest of them all, or as the Lambeosaurus, famous for its duck bill or even the Oviraptor so said the latter because its toothless beak, was ideal to destroy the eggs of which he ate.

But all will be offered through eight interactive areas that allow for large and more smaller guests, to know even better through the games the world of the Mesozoic and its protagonists.

Let’s see what will offer various interactive areas

Dino Sand Box

The children will become real archaeologists looking for fossils. Have fun together aa find fossils of dinosaurs cleverly hidden in the sand. A clever and fun way to teach children how scientists work and how important their activities.

Dino Photo

Guests can have their photograph next to the terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex or riding his greatest enemy, the Triceratops; Or they can take a souvenir photo in a dinosaur egg size. Three possible scenarios for a souvenir photo that will be delivered in the beautiful folder of the exhibition.

Dino Cinema 3D

In this area, wearing 3D glasses will become the protagonist of an extraordinary journey back in time, to the “Big Bang”. In fact, a fascinating film in 3D will bring all traveling back in time millions of years to the present day, with a long stop in the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs ruled the world.

Dino Ride

Do you want to take a walk in the saddle of a dinosaur? Here, in this section you can. A unique and extraordinary that leave you speechless. Only here you can experience this magnificent thrill of riding a dinosaur-sized.

Area design

Children like to draw and generally in this area will be able to paint their favorite dinosaur. In short, a ‘area dedicated to art. A table, sheets, stencils dinosaur shaped and color is all it takes for a child to give free rein to their creativity, draw his favorite dinosaur and rework your imagination what it has just seen.

Area excavations

Here children can work as does a true scientist, discovering how to reconstruct the dinosaur skeletons. Through a life-size replica of a T Rex will learn, in a simple and fun, how much work, study and patience is behind a scientific discovery.

Dino interactive

The touch of a button here will create a miniature dinosaur. Thanks to the scale models will be able to play with dinosaurs interactive, see them move and hear them make sounds. Thanks to these small dimensions, the charm and wonder will be assured.

Dino Shop

This area will be the wide choice of gadgets officers Days of the Dinosaurs can take home. All scale models of dinosaurs, or mugs, t-shirts, pens, stationery, pins, books and more.

Opening of the exhibition:

Tuesday to Thursday from 15.00 to 19.00 (closing the box office at 18.00)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00 (closing the box office at 18.00)

Closed Monday


adults: 13 €

children 3 to 13 years old: 10 €

It ‘will be a discount  for families from 4 people upwards

You can buy tickets at the box office as well as on-site also online at this website page vivaticket to link[evento]&id_show=75328

If you want a preview of all the dinosaurs that you will find on the site of the exhibition there is a wide roundup photographic data sheet. You can view it by clicking the link