Comics, Napoli capital with Comicon. There Milo Manara


One hundred thousand. Twenty-five thousand a day, from April 30 to May 3. The sell-out is an easy prediction, because the Comicon, the international cartoon of Naples, after Lucca, is the event that enthusiasts expect throughout the year. Now for 17 years. And ideally opens May tourist Neapolitan, a success announced estimates that the mayor Luigi de Magistris calls “rave”. An event also from the economic point of view, since it “was calculated – says the director of Napoli Comicon, Claudio Curcio – that the edition of 2013, compared with a million expenses, took 5 million euro gains induced by the city”. And this year the Comicon widens by quality: more pavilions and more space outside the Mostra d’Oltremare, until you get to the pond Fasilides that features the activities of role play live, but at the same time a limitation of tickets for sale to facilitate capacity and enjoyment of the event. The new three-year theme this year puts the comic in relation to the media: the focus is indeed on comics & printing. From the birth of the Ninth Art, now present in newspapers, daily and weekly newspapers, through the great international season (and Italian) magazines, up to the current “graphic journalism” with the language of comics that is also story reality for images. All this by a magister, an icon of reference of the comic, which reflects part of the features of the annual theme, and guiding part of the cultural program: Milo Manara. “There is a great enthusiasm around this event – says Mayor de Magistris – warn him even at home, where my children are weeks that haunt me to go there. It ‘a manifestation of the highest quality, which comes at a time Naples which aims to become more and more excellence for tourist flows in search of youthful creativity and desire to expand into the farthest reaches. And then we see rewarded the effort to keep open the Mostra d’Oltremare every day for two years”. [charme-gallery]

The program of events is dense and embraces a multitude of horizons: there will be a large exhibition of Comics and Print articulated in a run of four main sections, the largest magazine Linus passing by the authors of Future Perfect, up to the Graphic journalism by Beak yellow. There will be the big international guests, as Yoshiki Tonogai, Ryuhei Tamura, Kaare Andrews, Mike McKoneKevin O’Neill, as well as Italian: Leo Ortolani, Sio, Tanino Liberatore. There will be film premieres such as “The Book of Life” by Jorge Gutierrez produced by Guilermo del Toro, or special content from Warner Bros, which led Napoli to two of the original vehicles from the set of the latest chapter in the saga of “Mad Max” , and that will preview a new episode of the TV series “Gotham“. Not to mention the presence of the leading publishers of comic Italian, which this year will devote special issues to the event, such as Mickey Mouse that will have on the cover Pompeii. And then, at Comicon, there are parallel sections, real halls in the salon. The GameCon, this year sees the special partnership with CartooNA with its program of screenings and talks on the animated film and web series (in the Mediterranean theater), and the Asian village, dedicated to concerts and meetings of Asian culture, that between scheduled appointments offering more and more Comicon cosplay important challenge, which this year will see ‘the winner of the race pro fly to London to defend the colors nell’EuroCosplay Italian championships and the winner of the race Sunday, May 3 rewarded with a trip to Japan. Finally, a lot of space even for the most ‘children with the large area Comicon kids. “We get bookings from anywhere – says the director of the Comicon, Claudio Curcio – tickets are almost sold out in advance. We will reach 60,000 square meters of pavilions and outdoor spaces, the participation of exhibitors and sensational: there are authors from around the world and all the great Italian publishers”.