Nolan June 2015, staged “Elixir of Love” with Katia Ricciarelli

Katia Ricciarelli

With his voice, he enchants the public of urban archaeological park via Merliano in Nola. Katia Ricciarelli will be among the leaders, with Francesco Zingariello, of “Elixir of Love“, the musical in program tomorrow (Thursday, June 11), at 9 hours pm, and conducted by maestro Francesco Finizio with the participation of fifteen elements of Melos Orchestra. The event is part of the events of “June Nolan” promoted by the municipal administration of city of lilies headed by Mayor Geremia Biancardi and organized by the Culture run by Cinzia Trinchese. A recital of music, opera and poetry in which the two artists, with the support of fifteen items, including violins and piano, will perform in an unusual role and attractive, in a repertoire ranging from the most famous arias from the prestigious Romance living room, not to mention the classic Neapolitan song. A show full of tones and moods varied, the wave of souvenirs without nostalgia, with an eye to the present and imagine the future tense.