The Campanile of Santa Chiara soon restored, back accessible to citizens


The restyling of the centuries-old Monastery of St. Chiara begins.
The monumental complex of the city of Naples, built 1310 to 1328 at the behest of the monarch Roberto D’Anjou and his wife Sancia of Maiorca.
After less than 44 years old, I started working for an investment of 105,000 euro will affect the gardens, in front of the cloister and the church.
But let’s see in detail what will change and what should remain.
The good news is that much awaited and finally the gardens, in front of the cloister, at the intersection of via Benedetto Croce and via San Sebastiano will be retrieved and returned to the citizens.
Recall that in almost half a century, the plot of green (created in 1970 and never affected by redevelopment) was born as a place of refreshment instead became home to vagrants and then abandoned to utter neglect.

Now, after the approval of the project by the Superintendent and the intervention of the Municipality Advocate-Montecalvario chaired by Francesco Chirico, what once was an oasis of green, it will return to be, in the guise of a public park in the heart of Old Town.
And they were just wanting to local residents who have asked playground, benches and reading areas and also access with a slide for the disabled.
But that’s not all because they will be also introduced new trees and protected the precious tree species and historical (the pine trees, in particular).
But the wait is largest for the church tower of the citadel, owned by the Fund places of worship.
You can say, with some regret, that it is a monument virtually unknown to the Neapolitans, now closed since World War II, which was accessed through a building, then bombed.
Hence the impossibility of access to the monument today, except through a spiral staircase in piperno, which, however, makes the arduous climb.
And to avoid this, we will launch a competition for the design of a new scale, in collaboration with the ANIAI Campania (National Association of Italian architects and engineers), headed by Alessandro Castagnaro.
As they say, who starts well is half the battle …

“Monumental Complex of St. Chiara” 
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