Metro art, the cast of the Farnese Hercules flies to Venice


The fiberglass cast of the Farnese Hercules, present in the station of Line 1 subway Museum of Naples, he moved to Venice. From 9 May to 13 September will be on display at the palace Ca ‘Corner della Regina of the Prada Foundation, on the occasion of the exhibition “Portable Classic. Ancient Greece to modern Europe” edited by Salvatore Settis and Davide Gasparotto. The Department of Culture of the City hall of Naples gave a positive opinion to the request for temporary loan of the work, “given the prestige of the initiative and as a unique opportunity to show the general public and the international scientific community, the quality of artistic training Local”. The cast fiberglass statue of the Farnese Hercules, has been built in 2001 by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, led by Professor Alfredo Scotti for the subway and is a copy of the original work on display in the National Archaeological Museum Naples. The exhibition organized by the Fondazione Prada will explore “for the first time in parallel, the phenomenon of serial reproduction and scale of the undisputed masterpieces both in classical antiquity is in modern Europe”.

The fiberglass cast of the famous Farnese Hercules is compared with a series of “reproduction” in scale, from 20 to 150 cm of the same statue, made of materials and eras from classical to modern. Technicians Neapolitan Mobility Company took steps to supervise handling operations for the transport of the work carried out in the last night, by specialist firm appointed by the Fondazione Prada.