Pompeii and Herculaneum “multimedia” in Boscoreale


Twenty interactive installations that reconstruct the places of everyday life of the ancient inhabitants of the Costa del Vesuvio, an exhibition of 450 square meters where you can review the most significant Roman cities Vesuvius, the Domus, the eruption of Vesuvius: the cultural center Villa Regina adjacent the Antiquarium of Boscoreale hosts from 27 November to 25 January, the multimedia exhibition “Pompeii and Herculaneum life in the shadow of Vesuvius” (free admission). The initiative of the Foundation Chives/MAV in collaboration with the municipalities of Boscoreale and Herculaneum will be combined and integrated with visits to the Museum itself as an attractor of cultural tourism winter. “With this initiative – said Ciro Cacciola, director of the Foundation Chives – we want to enhance, in a period not overly busy but very interesting for tourist flows, the entire archaeological heritage of the Vesuvian sites focusing on the promotion of so-called minor, all places of great scientific and artistic as precisely Boscoreale. Even the event related to the opening of the exhibition, on the afternoon of Nov. 27, the Observatory of Herculaneum fits within the framework of initiatives to raise awareness and promote the excellence of the city of Herculaneum and the whole Vesuvian area”. The corpus of the exibit consists of 20 installations that include reconstructions of Pompeii Forum, the Baths and the Theatre of Herculaneum yet still buried under the modern town. Among the reconstructions of domus presented you can admire the House of the Tragic Poet, the House of Citharist, the House of the Faun, the House of the Labyrinth of the greatest examples of Roman houses in Pompeii visible. Villa Regina is the only country villa from the Roman period brought to light in the Vesuvius area. The property, once dedicated to the production of wine, was completely excavated and rebuilt. Today the site includes a vast archaeological site redeveloped recently by the City of Boscoreale, who turned the complex into a tourist-cultural. For the occasion, the MAV (Virtual Archaeological Museum) by Raffaele Gentiluomo, presented the project of an unprecedented reconstruction of Villa Regina.