Sorrento salutes the genius of great Picasso


On completion of the exhibition “Mario Sironi : painting – great decor – illustration“, the event which saw for the first time in Sorrento protagonist of the great art of the ‘900, even in winter . The exhibition dedicated to the artist Sardinian sparked a consensus from critics and experts, in testimony to the quality and reliability of the path taken by the Foundation Sorrento, determined to pursue a consistent policy of supporting and promoting the city of Tasso with an offer that is worthy of the most important international tourist destinations, even during low season.

It is in this context that the staff of the Foundation for the past one year , is working to bring in the Sorrento Peninsula another amazing event: the exhibition “Picasso. Eclecticism of a genius” to be held at Villa Fiorentino from 30 May to 12 October 2014.

It is a unique exhibition of its kind , dedicated to the Spanish master , which – supported by the scientific committee composed of Mariastella Margozzi (director of the Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi in Rome) and Claudia Casali (Director of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza) – will revolve around more than 240 graphic prints , 25 ceramics , oils and unique works of art , to immerse themselves in an imaginary journey between the different techniques and the various stylistic phases experienced by the artist throughout his business.

A new boost for tourism in Sorrento , therefore, that combines scenic beauty , hospitality and art . But even a further step towards the consecration of Villa Fiorentino as a “House of Art” international , based on the programming , on the strength of the organization and on the high profile of the proposals made ​​in the field.

Picasso. Eclecticism of a genius
from 30 May to 12 October 2014
by the Foundation Sorrento
Villa Fiorentino
Corso Italia, 53, Sorrento (Napoli)