Stages and breathtaking views for Positano Theatre Festival


From the square of the Cathedral Church to Theatre Garden of Via Pasitea, from Piazzetta of New Church and to Montepertuso, and then the Belvedere of Nocelle, the Village of Liparlati and Sentry Box: 7 stages will be a high level panoramic those that animate the Positano Theatre Festival, scheduled from July 30 to August 12. Directed by Gerardo D’Andrea and come to the twelfth edition, the festival theatrical betting everything on the right mix of Italian and foreign contemporary drama, which is given great importance, and the beauty of the land, sea and ancient villages. Also this year will participate in the festival names in the theater: beginning with Giuliana De Sio, who on August 6 will receive the Prize Annibale Ruccello, and then Paolo Graziosi, Enzo Moscato, Rosalia Porcaro. After the preview of 30 July, with the parade through the streets of the center of the trolley comedians, dancing, folklore and shows for children, the Positano Theatre Festival will host comedies, even music, and dramatic play, for a total of 16 appointments theater. Among the shows: “I and Naples“, with the singer Gino Rivieccio and Fiorenza Calogero (31/7). “The friends go away. The notes of unequal Umberto Bindi“, with Massimo Masiello and arrangements by Letti Sfatti (1/8). “I sing well“, theatrical and musical tribute to Gabriella Ferri of which is the author and director Fabio Cocifoglia (3/8). “Women“, irony and humor with the characters of Rosalia Porcaro (4/8). “Mal Mediterranean“, by Ugo Ronfani adapted by Paolo Graziosi, who will be on stage with Elizabeth Arosi and Valeria Patera (5/8). “Francischiello – A Hamlet, King of Naples“, written, directed and starring by Carmine Borrino with music by Lino Cannavacciulo (6/8). “Do not make me laugh, i am a woman tragic“, a show about love and starring Massimo Andrei, with Gea Martire (8/8). Evening “Theatre that will be“, which will feature the theatrical shorts selected by the director D’Andrea (Aug. 11). “The Misadventures of Mr. Alone“, with the mime-actor Sergio Di Paola (Cirque du Soleil), directed by Lucio Allocca who will also receive the prize Pistrice (12 August).