Shores of the seas in the Coast. The art of Pomodoro enchants Sorrento


“You were great, congratulations”. Arnaldo Pomodoro wanted to shake hands with everyone: the job done for installations in the main squares of Sorrento and the preparation of the exhibition in the premises of Villa Fiorentino have fully satisfied. Welcomed by Mayor Giuseppe Cuomo and the Director of the Foundation Sorrento, Luigi Gargiulo, the teacher wanted to emphasize the close relationship between “Rive of the Seas”, the name of the exhibition, and a city like Sorrento which rests on the sea and its roots its traditions. The exhibition of Arnaldo Pomodoro, which will be open until November 22, is the most important art event of 2015 made possible by the incessant effort of the Sorrento Foundation, chaired by the owner Gianluigi Aponte and with the collaboration of the Municipality of Sorrento. The event, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni and Gino Fienga, includes exposure of seven monumental works that are already installed in the most beautiful squares of Sorrento and the review of Villa Fiorentino where the route includes seventy works, including large sculptures in bronze and fiberglass, copperplate, art books. Visitors will find themselves in front of works that represent milestones in the artistic life of Tomato: The column of the traveler (1960), Ball (1963), The spear of light (1985) and many others. With Pomodoro, therefore, Sorrento has once again become a city concrete contemporary art museum. Installations to the task of “invite” visitors to Villa Fiorentino where contact with the artistic development of tomato reaches its maximum exaltation. [charme-gallery]