Sannazaro weblog Naples, from Viviani to new comedians


Will be “Carnival of Death” by Raffaele Viviani, directed by Lara Sansone to open on October 16 the 2015/2016 theater season of the Teatro Sannazzaro of Naples, which will offer ten performances between new and classic. “The Theatre Sannazaro – explains Sansone – is the Theatre of the Neapolitan tradition for excellence. He says his story, we are always confident, and appreciates his audience, always numerous, and the next theater season is the confirmation. Large protagonists of the scene as Peppe Barra, Giacomo Rizzo, Benedetto Casillo, Gino Rivieccio. And yet, Paolo Caiazzo, Ciro Giustiniani, a show, non-subscription, by Lello Serao with Nunzia Schiano, and, by popular demand, the return to the scene of La Festa di Montevergine”. For 20 years the Café Chantant will be set up an exclusive show, From November 20 it’s up to Giustiniani, former star of Made in South. From February 5, 2016 Gino Rivieccio will stage “I and NAPLES? Always“, written together with Gustavo Verde. Since February 19, the brainchild of Nando Mormone and Alessandro Siani, comes the show “Welcome to the South” of Paolo Caiazzo directed by Siani. Peppe Barra, joined by Teresa Del Vecchio, will be staged from March 4, with “Night’s Dream Enchanted“, written with Fabrizio bancale and based to “Lo Cunto dei li cunti” by Giambattista Basile. From Friday, April 1, Rizzo will stage “Welcome back Rizzo“. Closing the cycle of shows by subscription from April 22, Benedetto Casillo with Signori Biglietti.. Non-subscription, as of May 6 “Statues Movable” by Antonio Petito. Large space will be devoted to the Theatre School, with lots of special initiatives, such as the New Year with the Café Chantant and exhibition dedicated to Nino Taranto, by Giulio Baffi.