The first May the Palace of Caserta will be open to the public


Wednesday first May, the Palace of Caserta will be open with the normal schedules of visit. The initiative, promoted by the Office for the goods and the cultural activities, it concerns the museums, the monuments, the galleries and the government archaeological areas, that will be also visitable on the occasion of the day of the workers with the objective to allow the maximum fruition of the artistic and cultural patrimony. In forecast of the great flow of visitors, the Superintendence for the goods architectural landscape artistic historians and etnoantropologici of Caserta and Benevento has prepared the closing of the English Garden for the whole day of first May to the purpose to protect the wooded patrimony of the complex vanvitelliano however. On Tuesdays stay fixed the weekly closing.

Appartamenti Storici, Mostre Terrae Motus,

Memus/Terrae Motus e Disegni e Modelli

h. 8.30 – 19.30

Royal Park:

h. 8.30-17.00;

Info and reservation: tel. 0823.448084