Boccaccio, Basile and … Cervantes: “Odd Couples” to Vomero


Fourth and penultimate round, Thursday, May 7, at Naples (at 6 pm hours), in the book area Healthy in Vomero (via Merliani, 118), to the cultural review “Odd Couple” created by Antonella Cilento, within its Laboratory Writing “Lalineascritta“, now in its seventh edition. Theme of the evening, “Story telling: Boccaccio/Basile (and Cervantes!)“. A meeting dedicated to the noble story, to track by Boccaccio, via Basile, up to Cervantes, the novel that brings to the novel, the basis of Western literature. With special guests: José Vicente Quirante Rives, who for years has directed the Spanish Institute of Naples and now directs the prestigious Casa del Lector in Madrid, Francesco Durante and the Literary Association “Giovanni Boccaccio”, promoter of the famous Prix literary Boccaccio (chaired by Sergio Zavoli), born in 1982 in the name of the illustrious writer who has lived in the medieval village of Certaldo Alta.
The meeting will be coordinated by Antonella Cilento. The readings will be by Imma Villa and Gea Martire. With the participation of the president of the Literary Boccaccio, Simona Dei.
“The jewels of literature” will close Thursday, May 14, 2015 (18:00) with “Voice of Women“, a recital dedicated Goliarda Sapienza with Anna Toscano, Fabio Michieli and Alessandra Trevisan, a show self to tell the story of an Italian writer who she was also an actress of stage and screen, and that, with his choices as a woman and author, has given his life and his writing an indelible mark of authenticity and commitment. [charme-gallery]