“Feast of Maio” in Baiano, a tradition with deep roots!

Festa del Maio
Festa del Maio

As always, the Baianesi identify Christmas with “Maio” Santo Stefano, an event that begins on the Feast of St. Lucia. It begins at dawn del13 december with the “messe e nott”, different from simple masses because they end the morning of the 25th, at Christmas. The town’s streets are crowded with devotees who sing and play local songs. A very touching moment, that involves the participation of all and to create a wonderful atmosphere of collective joy. But what is Maio? Simply the chestnut tree taller and more beautiful, december 25 chosen in the nearby forest of Arciano and brought on a chariot pulled by three horses in front of the Church of St. Stephen, the patron of Baiano.

To give greater emphasis to the rite, a procession of people dancing to the tune of “Oi Stefani, sempe accussi ..”, the official anthem of the festival accompanied by barrels and Antico Gruppo Avancarica, enthusiasts guns that fire blanks. And there’s more! At sunset on 25 december, the citizens gather at the center of the country to turn on “O Fucarone” a propitiatory bonfire in which to burn the fagots and old things collected in the afternoon. The celebrations will conclude later on december 26, with the release of the effigy of Santo Stefano carried around the streets of Baiano.

References web of the Feast of Maio are links sites.google.com/site/ilmaiodibaiano/il-maio