Ready chariot and stones in Macerata Campania for the secular festival of Sant’Antuono Abate!

Festa di Sant'Antuono Abate Macerata Campania
Festa di Sant'Antuono Abate Macerata Campania

The ancient cult devoted to “Sant’ Antuono Abate” invoked against skin diseases and fire, as well as being a time of serious religious contemplation is above all a joyous event bringing people together. Nine days of celebration all consecutive, in fact, it will start the day 8 and will end on ganuary 17. For the occasion, the small town of Macerata Campania will be animated by cheerful wagons of the 17 “Battuglie of Pastellessa” on board of which, the “Bottari”, or percussionists, recreate the ancient sound maceratese the same name the “Pastellessa”. It is a very unique rhythm, characterized by the use of instruments of agricultural use as barrels, tubs and sickles, fought vigorously on wooden barrels. To make the atmosphere even more mystical will be the lighting of the “Cippo Sant’ Antuono”, performed to drive away the evil practice and that complete with a large bundle of wood lit by people in the streets.

There will also, traditional games of the past as the “tug of war” and the “pile of soap.” And yet, on January 17, who will be present in the main square of the country, you can admire the beautiful fireworks figured, marked by the presence of a female “a signora” (the lady), pet “or puorco” ( the pig), a beast of burden “o ciuccio” (donkey) and a working tool “a scala” (the scale). Finally, during the “riffa”, the moment of closing the festival, will be auctioned off in kind and not collected during the procession or previously donated by believers, the proceeds of which will cover at least part of the costs incurred for the organization.

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