In Naples to hunt ghosts and souls pezzentelle

Fantasma napoletano

Naples is a magical city par excellence where real history and legends of the past come together perfectly. Just take a ride through the narrow streets of the historic center, between the seventeenth-century palaces of ancient Neapolis to warn even the existence of this atmosphere “esoteric”. And indeed, Naples Esoterica is just the name given to the path that Sunday evening, October 5, “Events Naples” offers to its guests. The itinerary includes a tour that offers visitors a new and unusual method of interpreting monuments, palaces and churches facing the road network near the crib market of ancient greek-roman city.

It will start from Piazza del Gesù, to discover those that have been interpreted as esoteric symbols hidden nell’Obelisco Piazza del Gesù Nuovo or the façade of the Palazzo Sanseverino. Right beside you continue, then, with the ancient legends preserved in the depths of the Church of Santa Chiara and the Palazzo Petrucci until arriving in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. There, where it still excites the story of Maria d’Avalos and her ghost, along with that of Bianca and Sisters Toraldo. From Piazza San Domenico just take a few steps to get to what in Naples is the place par excellence of the mystery: the famous Prince of San Severo Chapel, alchemical laboratory of the mysterious and fascinating Raimondo di Sangro. But it does not end here. The route will continue to Via dei Tribunali to discover the traditions linked to the figures of the “Munaciello ‘and’ Beautiful ‘Mbriana” to arrive, finally, at the Church of Santa Maria del Purgatorio ad Arco, famous for the ancient ossuary and the cult of “pezzentelle souls”, which made ​​it a place of great popular appeal as early as the seventeenth century.

This is because in the Neapolitan conception of the afterlife, the souls of the dead powerfully affect the existence of the living and therefore are seen as benevolent spiritual entities, to honor and respect, and to turn to, roughly as you would a saint, to obtain real thanks (healing, protection requirements, lottery winnings, etc..). So, if you will participate in the “promenade Sunday”, do not forget a nice list of desires to turn the soul pezzentella duty.

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