At Castel dell’Ovo the “birthdays” of Lupo Alberto and Mafalda

Attenti al lupo locandina

Opens its doors to the Castel dell’Ovo the show “Beware the Wolf”, dedicated to the popular character of the McKenzie farm in love with the hen Marta, created in 1974 by the imagination of Guido Silvestri, aka “Silver“. Just this year, in fact, “Lupo Alberto” celebrates its fortieth birthday and for the occasion he chose to blow out the candles in the picturesque setting of the manor of Virgil, in Naples. Yes, because, deep down, underneath it all, he also feels a bit of Naples since, as explained by the same Silver (Emilia of birth): “I feel Neapolitan”. And “since young I have always admired Eduardo, Totò, Neapolitan songs, by singing or even listening to them that, they make me so emotional”. For this reason the author has dressed Lupo Alberto “by pazzariello” to make “a great tribute to Toto”.

In Naples, Silver door original drawings, sketches and books that have yet to be done in several stages Italy. Including Milan, after the capital of Campania, to Correggio in February 2015.


Next to Lupo Alberto, the non-profit association “Kolibrì” door in the halls of Castel dell’Ovo also Mafalda, the terrible little girl of the Argentine cartoonist Quino with his friends and relatives, the star of an exhibition dedicated to 50 years. The two retrospectives can be visited until 11 May. In the exhibition, curated by Ferruccio Giromini, there will be strips, plates, Silver cartoons, stickers, sketches, brochures, posters, remember that even the companions of Alberto Lupo. Mafalda, a small dissenting argentina, can also be read back through the works that echo the themes dearest to her: family, friendship, school, politics, war and peace. A realization of Caminito, edited by Ivan Giovannucci. In addition, there will be a collection of over 100 books from 23 countries on 4 continents.

“Beware the wolf!” is part of the “Girogirotondo, change the world” who is 10 years old, to promote children’s rights, in a cross-cultural perspective.

“Beware the wolf!” 
Exhibitions, talks, readings and workshops
13 March to 11 May 2014
Castel dell’Ovo, sala delle Cortigiane – Naples