In the belly of Partenope in the footsteps of General Belisario

Le cavità di Napoli

Down in the heart of the hidden cavities of Partenope. Discovering the “belly” of Neapolis, where he still runs the water greek-roman aqueduct of Bolla, probably the oldest of all of the whole city. Welcome to the cavity of  San Giovanni a Carbonara of San Giovanni a Carbonara, quaint and picturesque corner of the centuries-old capital, opened below the structure built between the XIV and XV century in the area where, in medieval times, they were unloading the waste incinerated in the metropolis. Two thousand year old caves that are still waiting to reveal their secrets to visitors.

It was through these cavities, according to tradition, derived in part from “De Bello Gothico” of Procopius, who in 536 AD General Flavius ​​Belisarius managed to penetrate secretly into the city, at the head of 400 men, after conquering over twenty-day siege. A blitz that put in place by the officer Byzantine Empire, which was emulated in early June 1442 by the troops of Alfonso of Aragona, in turn, are able to take advantage of that same underground passage to get in, sneak in Naples, tearing it to Angevins.
Not only that, therefore, one of the many shelters warlike Partenope which was equipped during the terrible years of World War II, but also the connection point through the aqueducts and cisterns of Roman Neapolis with the history of the centuries.
Reopened to the public for a very short time, the hollows of San Giovanni a Carbonara can be visited in the next weekend thanks to the tour “caver-cultural” organized by the Focus-Napoli Art, in collaboration with Portico 340 and the Association Agorà Domani. A “tour” in the name of history and tradition, not to be missed for lovers and fans local history (and not only). For which, however, must be compulsorily to book. The event, therefore, is for tomorrow (Saturday 27th) and Sunday, September 28, from 10.30 am onwards.

The cavity of San Giovanni a Carbonara, Naples
Guided tour. Saturday 27 and Sunday, September 28, from 10:30 am
For costs, info and reservations: Association Focus-Art Napoli ph. 338.1099379
Reservations required