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Stone sentinels to guard the town

Sentinels stone’s on the fate of the town.Naples and its castles, a story that began long ago. If you look towards the Vomero hillside...

The precious of Partenope, on display at the Museum of the...

The treasures of Naples are put on display. It 'currently underway, and will continue until December 31, 2014 at the Museum of the Treasure of...

In the belly of Partenope in the footsteps of General Belisario

Down in the heart of the hidden cavities of Partenope. Discovering the "belly" of Neapolis, where he still runs the water greek-roman aqueduct of...

New Castle, the Male of stone guardian of Naples.

Feats of arms, sieges and forts. Strongholds of stone, royal residences. The history of Naples and his castles begins a long time ago. Since...


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