The many faces of Christmas in Naples

Napoli si accende di mille luci per il Natale

Christmas with the yours, Easter what you want” goes the old adage. If we choose to spend the special occasion of December 25 in Naples, then all the better. Yes, because it is in these days of celebration that Partenope wearing his best suit, becoming a precious pearl. All to see , and why not , also to be enjoyed!

The historical sites, cultural and artistic capital of the ancient Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, from this street of San Gregorio Armeno in the majestic spectacle provided by the stunning castles of Partenope, are racing to showcase the excellence of made in Naples, to  interior of a wide range of offerings in terms of the event, guided tours and events for all tastes good. But first things first.

It starts with the traditional “grand tour” to discover one of the most striking monumental sites of the Old Town: the monumental complex of Santa Chiara. And  here, in fact, that by the 7th of December and until January 6, 2014, is scheduled for “A Christmas at the Cloister“. The Franciscan citadel will be flooded with the celestial notes of the “Immaculate Conception Novena” by the group of bagpipers “Ancia Libera” in a path that includes a visit to the nativity scene and the contemplation of the paintings of the exhibition dedicated to St. Francesco, along with the places of the spiritual journey of Saint Francis of Assisi. Also planned visits in the moonlight , on the occasion of the opening of the sanctuary free up to 21 hours on days 4 , 5 and 6 January, the feast of the Epiphany.


Yet. Space to culture a few steps from the church of the Poor Clares, in the Convent of San Domenico Maggiore place where, until April 21, 2014, you can visit “The Impossible Exhibition” with the precious masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raffaello reproduced in scale 1:1, identical to the originals faithfully.

The journey between the landmarks of the ” Naples of the ” also includes a stop at the Church of the Girolamini Sundays 8 and December 22 to discover the unpublished inscriptions iconography of angels on display inside the ancient religious complex of Bellini. To accompany the travelers in the visit referred to as “The dissonance of angels” are art historians of the “Cultura Felix” that will involve the audience in a particular sensory journey that will allow you to experience through music, the suggestions made by the vision of artistic works exposed to Girolamini.

Continuing the walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town, the cultural association “Mani e Vulcani” await visitors to accompany them in their real blast from the past with a view of Naples ‘500: is this  “Millarcum, delirium of an old love” scheduled for tomorrow, December 6 until January 5 , 2014, in the rooms of former Ospedale della Pace. Is here that will be recalled the tragic love story of Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, and his wife Maria d’Avalos, who was killed by her husband because caught in adultery. The story is a bit known to everyone and goes back to what happened on the night between 16 and 17 October 1590, when the beautiful Neapolitan noblewoman was found dead with her lover Fabrizio Carafa, in a room of the Palazzo San Severo: the their bodies were still naked and tortured by stabbing assassins. Since then, the ghost of Mary wanders restlessly through the alleys of San Domenico Maggiore.


From history to tradition, the distance is short and therefore as not to honor the rite of Bingo Napoletana? The cultural association  “Insolitaguida” offers a version of “immoral” the typical Christmas game. This is the “Tombola vajassa“, which according to tradition, will be conducted by or “femminiello”, which will proceed to the extraction of the numbers of the colorful face. All accompanied by a delicious dinner at the table with a lot of consummation. The event is scheduled for Saturday, 7:21 December at 21 at the Teatro Cabaret Portalba of Naples.

But do not forget that Christmas is the celebration especially for children and for them will open the doors to the magical park of Toys in the spaces of Villa Diamante Posillipo location for the occasion becomes a special and magical event. Among the luxurious rooms of the palace that overlooks the Gulf, the day dedicated to the Immaculate from 10 to 22 will be held many fun recreational activities that also involve some primary schools thanks to the collaboration of the City of Naples and the Department of the School. To welcome a small parade of jugglers, clowns, dancers, stilt walkers, magicians, fairies, portrait and still – kids face painting, entertainers, circus artists and a musical band. Free admission to the event will be an opportunity to present the project “La Nostra Napoli” , by the City of Naples to “give voice to the children”, they will be given the opportunity to write on parchments desires for the city and adorn the tree Would that then be presented to the Mayor Luigi De Magistris.


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