A Capodimonte, including stars, photos and music

Osservatorio di Capodimonte

“And then we went to see the stars”, the last verse of Dante’s Inferno, seems tailor-made for the finale of “A Capodimonte between moon and music”, the striking event that will take shape Thursday, December 18, from 20, in the auditorium of the Astronomical Observatory Naples rise Moiariello 16. An event with free admission until all places, under the banner of photography and great music. Stars of the evening, will, in fact, the journalist and photographer Francesco Bellofatto Neapolitan, who will accompany the guests in a captivating journey into the soul of the image; and the well-known pianist Joe Amoruso, who will perform live accompanied by saxophonist Carla Marciano. A special occasion to exchange Christmas greetings and finally to the great concert season of the Association of Former Students Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella in Naples, under the artistic direction of Maestro Elio Lupi.

At the end of the evening, experts dell’UAN (Union Astrofili Neapolitans) will guide the audience observing the sky and planets with telescopes placed on the monumental square, from which you can admire the city from a very particular point of view.