In the “Diocesan Museum Donnaregina” of Naples, a nice crib Trentino-size

presepe trentino

Never before this Christmas, Campania and Trentino were so near. Until February 1, 2015, in fact, the monumental complex Donnaregina, just a few steps from the Cathedral of Naples, will host a fine size nativity scene made in Trentino created by master sculptors and carvers Tesero, Tiziano and Davide Deflorian, with the collaboration of Leo Deflorian and Raffaella Zeni regarding the figure and clothes.

Eighteen characters: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, an angel, two women, two men kneeling, the Three Kings, a shepherd, an ox, a donkey and four sheeps (the same figures were on display at the Vatican, in L ‘Aquila, in Assisi, in Bethlehem, in Mirandola and, last year, in Krakow). In addition, to Naples, were made ad hoc two other figures: a woman and a man kneeling.

The authentic nativity scene in Naples occupies an area of over six square meters on each side and has set design as a ruin ruined with shed almost four meters high. To this, add two corners arranged on the opposite side of the courtyard of Donnaregina, which allow visitors, in a setting collection, typical nativity mountain, to pass through.