In Marina di Camerota the sea with emotions

La tartatuga Caretta-Caretta

Summer comes boobies coast of Cilento. On the beach of Foce Mingardo in Marina di Camerota it was found the first nest of the season of sea turtle, Caretta Caretta. The nest was taken down overnight and the discovery occurred at the hands of a swimmer who attended the event and who alerted the port authorities.
Immediate intervention of the researchers of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples, rushed to the scene to monitor the health of the nest. Presumably the hatching of eggs occur in mid-August. Indispensable during the operations, the contribution of the Municipality and in particular of the assessor at Environment, Ciro Troccoli. Monitoring the nest will continue throughout the incubation period, with the support of the Regional Network for the Monitoring of sea turtles, coordinated by Dohrn Zoological Station.
The Cilento coast every year to give swimmers the thrill of being able to witness the birth of the little of this particular species unfortunately threatened with extinction. This area, in fact, is the only of the Mediterranean where the nesting took on aspects quite regular over the last five years, with an average of two / four nests per season. The explanation is probably to be found in climate change. From the analysis of sea surface temperatures over the past 150 years, it appears that the last five years has been among the warmest on record (data 2015 – Anton Dohrn Zoological Station). The evidence of global warming is the fact that every year the discovery of nests is always advance from the previous season. [charme-gallery]