In Pompeii even resurrects the story. New findings during the last excavations


A year after the discovery in the necropolis of Porta Ercolano of a tomb of the Samnite period, the excavation sites in the area reveal exciting new findings. A further grave case of limestone slabs of the fourth century. B.C. with complete funerary equipment consists of at least six pots painted black, in addition to rare funerary evidence of pre-Roman times. Inside the skeleton of an adult.

But even in environments of shops not far from the funeral three gold coins and a pendant necklace found among the bones of the skeletons of some fugitives, stir in bulk after the looting of illegal diggers who after the eruption of AD 79 They ventured into the city in search of treasures buried under the ashes. And yet the discovery of an oven, probably for the manufacture of objects in bronze and a quarry used for the extraction of material for construction.

Are the surprising discoveries of the excavation site of Pompeii Superintendence with the Ecole française de Rome, the Centre Jean Bérard and the CNRS who are conducting a research project in the Herculaneum Gate necropolis area with the aim of studying the transformations a ‘commercial area outside the walls of Pompeii.