In Salerno a galleon in the square for “Port of words”


It will be a galleon six meters long, turned into the library, the protagonist of “Port of Words” that starts today in Salerno. The third edition of the literature review will see the galleon “dock” in the square of the church of Santa Margherita for the event organized by Saremo Alberi in collaboration with the Association of the Accent, the “Bottega San Lazzaro“, the Consortium “Cilento Up” with the sponsorship of the City of Salerno. The mighty sailing ship will become the guardian of a unique library that will allow more than 200 children have already booked to sail to the pages of the books but also between the lands of fantasy and creativity with the laboratories of art and science. To turn on the creativity of children were set up several educational courses. To take the field there is also the Department of Chemistry and Biology of the University of Salerno with the scientific laboratory “Esperimentopoli“, while with “The colors of the Mediterranean” you will be magicians for a day; Angelo Coscia lead, instead, the children in the creation “Dreams of the Charter” and the operators of the Friends of Children accompany small storytellers to discover the thousand forms of recycling, while the Association LAES will lead them in the pages of the sheet music for an original musical journey. A plunge in the old section is edited by the Provincial Archaeological Museum; while the journey destination will be the Middle Ages by the Archers of Roberto Il Guiscardo who will offer a tour of historic instruments from work. The activities will continue in the afternoon tomorrow, moreover, provides theater for children, while among the initiatives planned for the Saturday show stands out the storytelling with puppets “Who goes to these seas? Seize these fish“.