In Terzigno, the sound of the Epiphany is based on solidarity


Black & white for a “mutual respect“. Session in sounds: rhythms from the heart and from the soul, able to unite and not divide, different worlds and cultures in the spirit of solidarity and good music. This is the theme of the event organized by the night of the Epiphany from Synapsis Onlus in the setting of Villa Angela, in via Zabatta in Terzigno (Naples). Appointment on January 5, starting at 6:00 hours pm. All together, against prejudice and cultural barriers, to live in the moonlight the arrival of nice “old” with the sounds and dances of West Africa of Gunà Percussion those South Italian badged Paranza Folk. Two different cultures, the African continent on the one hand, our other South, united for one evening, through a mix of dance, music and songs dedicated to cultural exchange and integration. But also thinking about the next ….Yes, because who wants it, among the guests, will bring a small gift that will then be donated to charity. Since everyone is really Epiphany.