“Seduction timeless” in Torre del Greco

seduzione senza tempo

He made his debut in Torre del Greco, but will make a stop at the end of January at the Fair VicenzaOro and then to Hong Kong and Las Vegas, “Seduction timeless. The coral between memory and modernity”, traveling exhibition, whose preview you can see, until January 11, en plein air along the central Via Roma. An original staging, pointing at enhancing the relationship between fashion and jewelry, among precious jewelery manufacturing in coral and cameos, which gave pride and marked the city of Torre del Greco, and the interpretations of these precious materials dates from haute couture International. The exhibition, curated and organized by Cristina Del Mare, strongly supported by Assocoral and the City of Torre del Greco, through a narrative speculate, that weaves past and modern features famous paintings and special artistic iconography related to coral and cameo compared with images of precious contemporary creations. Compare also shots of famous photographers depicting jewelry coral and cameo published by the most prestigious fashion magazines and the gold sector of yesterday and today. Forty images to a visual novel and challenging, which reaffirms and underlines the undisputed aesthetic and symbolic coral unchanged. A valence seductive, who forged the historical identity of a territory and who still identifies Torre del Greco in the world.