A Via Chiaia , vintage clothes are sold by weight

kilo shop

Via Chiaia 66. An address to keep in mind if you are in Naples and you want to give your wardrobe a vintage touch. Yes, because it is here, along the shopping street of Naples par excellence, which opened its doors “Kilo Shop”. Not just a store, but a real retreat for lovers of clothes and accessories of yesteryear, which here can have fun shopping in weight. Yes. That’s right. Here dresses, sweaters, pants, handbags and sunglasses, do not have a standard cost, but are sold by weight to the delight of shoppers who succeed especially well to take home unique pieces at affordable prices. To do the honors to shop, Alessandro Arcopinto and Mariano Marigliano, two old friends, who decided to bring even the shadow of Vesuvius a trend elsewhere is going great for a while. Among the goodies to chase between shelves, mannequins and trunks of the grandmother, many original garments, but not chinoiserie, jeans, clothes regenerated also signed (no extra charge), end of series, stock of new clothes and exclusive pieces of furniture crafted fruit of creative recycling virtuoso artists made ​​in Italy.