To Villa d’Ayala a nightmare journey in the company of the…Demiurge

Il "castello della paura" a Valva

Sharing the journey into the nightmare with the Demiurgo: after two years and 1,500 spectators accompanied in the rooms of the Castle Lancellotti in Lauro di Nola (Avellino), it will, this time, the wonderful Villa d’Ayala at Valva, Municipality of the Valley of Sele in the Salerno province, the new home of the annual appointment with the horror of the Lauretana company. Travelling between reality and fiction, nightmare and madness, on 31 october (From 17.00 to 23.00 p.m.) and on 1 novembre (from 17.00 to 23.00 p.m.) viewers will be screened in a gruesome reality, where the stories take shape gory and disturbing characters who share a single characteristic: monsters! Monsters because mad, because deformed monsters, unusual. Monsters as creative and original. Why different and excluded from a reality which they have been able to adapt and, in the darkness and confinement, they have created an “other world”, in which lord with cruelty and logic of exclusion. A journey into the nightmare, the paranoid madness and horror. An exceptional location for 14 actors. These are the ingredients of the “Castle of Fear“.

The Castle of Fear – the Dead City
Villa d’Ayala, piazza della Rimembranza – Valva (Salerno)
October 31 hours 6 pm – November 1 h. 11.30 pm
For info and reservations write to: or call us at 331.3169215