At the start “Mujeres Tango Festival 2015”

mujeres tango festival

Looking for an alternative appointment to spend on March 8? If you love dancing and sophistication, passion and hate you lock yourself in local overcrowded between “colleagues” screaming, strippers and performance trash, in Naples there is the event for you. On 7 and 8 March, in fact, will take shape the eighth edition of “Mujeres Tango Festival”, which winds past three locations cult well known among lovers of tango made in Partenope. In the program, Saturday 7, at the Tango Club, technique classes with female Romina Godoy, both for beginners and for intermediate and advanced levels, and, in the evening, all  to  Milonga Portena, via Diocletian, from 22.30, to dance on selections Vera Tinkova directly from Sofia, and the curtains live Massimo Politelli. Also performing live Paola Perez and Leone Perugino. Sunday 8, however, technique classes with male Pablo Garcia and gala evening, starting at 21:30, at the Salone Margherita Via Verdi. Musicalizadora, Simona Seraponte, curtains live Domenico Benvenuto and performance of teachers and Romina Godoy Pablo García. Last but not least, a special “Portrait of a Woman” by Leone Perugino.