Carnival of Limatola between floats and shows

castello di Limatola

Preparations are underway for the twenty-fifth edition of the colorful Carnival of Limatola, in the province of Benevento, which will take shape in the days 8, 15 and 17 February. A big party, organized by the local area, divided into four key moments: the parade of floats, which will be held in the early afternoon on the streets of the country, the shows in the square, the funeral and the funeral lamentation to be followed, the last day, the cremation of dead Carnival. The wagon is the culinary prince, who parading along the streets, distribute free mortadella, bread baked in a wood, sardines, red wine hills Caiatine and Sannio. Many other shows in San Biagio square. Dj sets by Gianni Aragosa with voice animation Raffaele Cristofaro to live the “Formula K”, through the players barrels, vats and scythes: “’A Battuglia nova” and the theater group that last day will be engaged in lamentation funeral and burial. And, yet, many surprises for children, a show dedicated to the musical “Scugnizzi”, one of flamenco and Latin American dance. Among the guests, even the folk group “Fontanavecchia” of Casalduni (Benevento).