Kicks off the “Capri Art Music Festival”

La Certosa di san Giacomo con i Faraglioni sullo sfondo

It’s up to the Piano Duet, aka Marco Schiavo and Sergio Marchegiani, usher, Saturday, March 21, starting at 17:30, the first edition of “Capri Art Music Festival”, an event that will bring the island, until 31 December 2015, with a grand finale in the former St. Stephen’s Cathedral, numerous members of the international music scene. Exceptional location of the concert of Spring, with free admission, the picturesque Certosa of San Giacomo, the oldest monastery in the island, built in 1371 by order of Count Giacomo Arcucci. In the lineup, songs by Johannes Brahms, in particular, Hungarian Dances and Waltzes, Op. 39. The exhibition “Capri Art Music Festival” – issued by the Culture of the City of Capri and the association Gfactory – which sees the artistic director Pinuccio De Gregorio, intends to trace a path of cultural continuity, tended to favor, next to the disclosure music on the island, the way art historical investigation, reassessing places and patches of territory that abound in Capri: the Certosa of San Giacomo Punta Tragara through Villa Jovis and the Gardens of Augustus, among the selected scenarios for assets concert.