At the Pan, the short movie “Eros kai Psichè”

eros kai psiche

Will Pan, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli Via dei Mille 60 to house, Sunday, March 8, from 11:30, the preview of the short movie “Eros kai Psichè” signed by director Neapolitan Giovanni Mazzitelli in collaboration with the young Federica Pezzullo, also a screenwriter as well as co-director of the work.

A short film, shot entirely in the beautiful hills of Caserta old, who takes up the myth of Apuleius, rewriting narrative codes and providing a key opposite to the original, treating even the sad phenomenon of violence against women.

To embody the two deities, Psyche and Eros, will Diane Patierno, diplomanda  Accademia del Teatro Bellini in Naples, and Rosso Cacciapuoti, former star of independent films and national fiction. The music instead of Francesco Guarnaccia.

The event will be attended, among others, the President of the Campania Region Film Commission Valerio Caprara, the author of numerous novels and actor Peppe Lanzetta and Alderman of the City of Naples to youth policy, Alessandra Clemente.

The first screening is scheduled for noon, followed by debate, round two at 13, with related discussion.