Pan, the original Tombola Born to Read

tombola nati per leggere

“Stir, turn, stirs, rocks, fishing and fished and I made the Tombola, counting my books each draw, braving the weather and the board…”. For the little ones, and for those who love fairy tales and not only, Saturday, January 10, from 10.30 to 13.00, the punto.Lettura Born to Read Naples, housed on the third floor of the PAN | Palazzo Arti Napoli Via dei Mille 60, organizes a special Tombola. An original game and fun for children aged 3 years and older and their parents or grandparents (Reservations required for all of the email address or telephone at 389.9157256 specifying the number of adults and children) , which will feature in the basket and folders on the board and not numbers, as usual, but colorful book covers. The whole, washed down with stories to share with joy with all the small and big readers of the city.Of course, books, books and more books, for who will win both, internal, quadruplet, fives or bingo.Once again this year to participate in the Tombola of Born to Read does not provide a cost: the folders you can “swap” with a donation of your choice aimed to take a book and thus increase the wealth of books dedicated to the memory of punto.Lettura pediatrician Pasquale Causa.