Archaeological sites open on Saturday evening. Open Herculaneum, Pompeii postponed to may 14


Confirmed the evening opening of the archaeological site of Herculaneum, where the € 2.00 cost of entry, already excavations will be visited with the support of the archaeological Vesuvius Group, who will accompany the visitor to the discovery of archaeological finds in the Boat Hall, where he is also exposed the boat found on the ancient shoreline of Herculaneum.

From here you will reach the area of Fornici, unlucky shelter for about 300 fugitives and from where you can see the line of the ancient coast. The tour ends on the terrace of Nonio Balbo, a privileged time overlooking the sea. The entrance is from Corso resin with opening of the gates at 20.05 hours; the last entry at 22.05 hours. The visits will be arranged for groups. The City of Herculaneum will make available two parking areas accessible from Via IV Novembre.

Instead, the appointment of Pompei on Saturday, May 14, is suspended. Here, the evening paths to the ruins will resume regularly from Saturday, May 21.

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