Arcobaleno Napoletano rewards excellent Neapolitan

luca de filippo

Bad weather in recent days has hit the city will certainly be swept away, tonight, Wednesday, December 3, starting at 20:30, the third edition of “Arcobaleno Napoletano” solidarity event dedicated to Ileana Bagnaro, organized in collaboration with the Melanoma Foundation onlus. Location of the event, which sees in the role of artistic director the journalist Diego Paura and conducting the beautiful Nathalie Caldonazzo and the showman Enzo Calabrese, theater Sannazaro Via Chiaia in Naples.

Numerous awards planned, designed to characters Neapolitans who have helped to increase the wealth of Naples outside and inside the boundaries… Among the winners: Luca De Filippo, Mirna Doris, Marzio Honorato, Antonello Perillo, “Tribuna Stampa”, Annamaria Ackermann, the Duo x Duo, Peppe Iodice, Enzo Campagnoli, Luca Sepe, Marco Zurzolo, Stefano Artiaco, Maurizio Marinella, Giuseppe Nappa and Tina Piccolo, Claudio Tortora, Nino Daniele, Roberto Paolo and Gennaro Sangiuliano.

During the evening will be auctioned for charity knitting n. 9 of the player Higuain.

Many other guests who will be on stage even more precious event: Anna Capasso, Lara Sansone, through Mister Angie, Imma Mauriello, Mariagrazia Passariello and Fabio Lanza.

The stage direction is by Pino Sondelli, that on television, Maurizio Palumbo.