Christmas in Scafati: there is the Living Nativity of Vetrai District

Scena della Natività

Two hundred extras dressed in period costumes made by hand. Free tasting of typical products. And, in the background, the traditional Christmas songs sung by the parish choir, directed by the teacher Pompilia Balzano. Is started the countdown in Scafati (Salerno) for the new edition of the “Living Nativity” wanted and organized by the parish of Santa Maria delle Vergini led by Don Giovanni De Riggi. A representation that, over the years, was largely successful, bringing thousands of people (in 2013 were more than 15 thousand) from every corner of the region, in the alleys and courtyards of the historic “Vetrai Neighborhood”. The same choice again this year the picturesque setting for the sacred event. And that 26, 27 and 28 next December, from 17 to 22, will wear the colors of the party, becoming a quaint “old town” in which young people, adults and children will revive the Nativity scene reinventing crafts and costumes a time, creating a real checkered everyday reproduced down to the smallest details.

Here, then pull out, next to each other: the Roman soldiers and centurions, wise men, shepherds and washerwomen, innkeepers, carpenters and bakers. Classical figures of the Neapolitan crib, proposed again in the historical center of Pompeii to the delight of onlookers and visitors. The entrance, via Nazario Sauro, will be completely free. Also, along the way, will be offered, directly from the hands of “shepherds”, tasting of bread, buns, cheese, pizza, chestnuts and other local products, cooked and prepared on site.