Arts, Culture and food events, comes the “Balcony Furitana”


Beginning on March 7 and will last until the month of December, “The Balcony Furitana” festival that unites in the Borgo of Furore (the Amalfi Coast) art, culture, entertainment, gastronomy and solidarity. The project, according to the promoters, combines the desire to enhance the artistic and cultural Furore, accompanying them to the refinement of tourist paths and wine and food of the highest quality. The presentation to the presence of Simone Pedrelli Carpi, creator of the project, the mayor of Furore, Raffaele Ferraioli and consultants Nicola Muccillo, Gino Aveta and Elio Lupi along with all the staff of “The Balcony Furitana“.

The “Balcony” is proposed as a journey of discovery of cultural and artistic treasures unknown, free guided tours to Church of San Giacomo or Santo Jaco, with its cycle of frescoes that make it the most interesting and perhaps the oldest building of sacral Furore. Another place to visit is the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà (the center of all events), the site of an ancient brotherhood among the most important and prestigious of Furore. The Church also includes the pre-Napoleonic cemetery and the Oratory of the Immaculate.
Other points are the church of San Michele Arcangelo and the rock Church of Sant’Elia. It will also be possible to visit a museum of ceramics made with donations of the most important Italian artists and a collection that includes more than 3,000 rosaries. Performances, food and wine. A long list of events and shows: 26 appointments from March to November will accompany those who choose Furitana’s Balcony in a crescendo of music, theater, comedy and festival. Jazz, popular music, recitals will be the soundtrack to the weekend with the presence of artists such as Antonio Onorato accompanied by Enzo De Caro, or the master Peppe Barra recitalist copyright. Events that will be accompanied by moments of tasting and food and wine events: one hundred companies provide routes tasting, theme nights and meetings for the summer furitana. Solidarity. Furitana’s Balcony is also solidarity: the collaboration with the non-profit organization “Need You”, a non-profit organization founded by the idea of ​​the entrepreneur Adriano Assandri to support needy children of the community foundation “Don Orione” around the world, is also home Furore.

The intervention of Simon Pedrelli Carpi, entrepreneur and creator of the project, managing director of fury, company promotion and development of cultural tourism and cultural heritage: “The project was born after listening to a series of lectures on the theme of the mayor of Furore integrated tourism. We so wanted to present an integrated tourist offer in Furore. We thought the Balconata because it is one road that contains art, entertainment, music, culture, food and wine. Who is to Balconata Furitana can visit the museum of ceramics , the frescoes of the ‘200, a triptych of’ 500, rock sites and sites in the year one thousand: an integrated environment where everything is culture”.

The intervention of the mayor of Furore, Raffaele Ferraioli, co-author of the project:” We are fighting for years to put together an example of integrated tourist offer. Furitana’s Balcony is the concrete realization of a dream. We can say that it has inspired the initiative, but then we have to say thanks to individuals who have made concrete facts. The intelligent tourist knows that the Amalfi Coast is not only the sea, but a grand tour of art, culture, food and events”.