Art, music and gastronomy … on stage in Pineta Varca d’Oro

Enzo Gragnaniello

The art bell is on display. From crafts to music, going to the gastronomy, the excellence of Terra Felix parade September 19 to 21 for a “three days” in the name of “Made in Naples”. Appointment in a welcoming and green natural scenery of the Pineta Varca d’Oro in Marina di Varcaturo, ideal location for art exhibitions and performances by emerging bands and characters established in the music scene in Naples.

To say the least provocative title chosen for the event “ART and PO ‘” he wants to invite to put together the uniqueness of the Campania region, enhancing them and celebrate them through an event to gather all the good it produces Campania, and also aims to exalt the extraordinary results. There will be, in fact, Varca D’Oro also some stands of excellence in the world of entrepreneurship. And then, from 18 hours up in the night of 19, 20 and 21 September will be able to spend the night in the pine forest strolling through craft markets of various kinds, tasting local products (from pizza to buffalo mozzarella, to wine, pastry) and listen to good music.

In particular for young musicians and singers will have the opportunity to “Open Stage” to perform, but also to be able to give interviews, radio broadcasting and produce a free demo professional audio and video live. Each evening, finally, we conclude with a concert event of Neapolitan music. It begins September 19 with Enzo Gragnaniello, 20 with the New People’s Society of singing and 21 with Rosario Mirage. There will be fun activities for the little ones.

Pineta Varca D’Oro, Varcaturo (Ce)
19, 20 and 21 September
Open season 18.00 / 01:00

Info Palco Open +39.081.5090002.

Event info +39.081.5092930