Baiano makes the party to hazelnut


Long live the hazelnut! A wealth of special qualities, full of “vitamin E” and a source of phytosterols, a substance thought to be important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Hazelnuts, perhaps few know it, they contain monounsaturated fats that lower the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. In short, one might almost say that a couple of nuts per day leverebbero the doctor away! And Baiano, a village on a hill in the province of Avellino, will devote to this wonderful fruit of the earth a two-day food and wine festival not to be missed.

An event where just the nutty taste is the absolute protagonist of all dishes. There will, for example, a spectacular fresh pasta topped with a particular type of hazelnut sauce: main dish for years and attracts the curiosity of visitors who will be able to taste only on this occasion. Surprises are reserved to the realization of the main dishes. A specialty never done before will be the rind stuffed with hazelnut and “tile” of breaded meat and hazelnut stuffed with bacon and cheese. A worthy company to these and other specialties, there will also be home-made dishes such as fried pizza sauce and the sausage sandwich with side dishes for every taste. Finally, can not miss the desserts, the rigorously reviewed hazel, of course, as the caprese and the luscious nougat. And to finish with a flourish: doc Campania wine and music complement the two evenings in the land of Irpinia.

Feast of hazelnut
Baiano (Av)
13 and 14 September