In Duomo Street dance as a great dance 800

Valzer ottocentesco

Gallant knights in tails and gentle ladies in rustling clothes will hover at the sound of the music of the great master Strauss, in poetic waltz, quadrille, or even in engaging in contradances and mazurkas, respecting the old manuals of the masters of dance 800.

And ‘the Cultural Association of the Company of Dance Naples to present this great re-enactment of the dances of the period, divided by silks and lace. The event, for everyone, is at 18.00 in the vaults of the church of San Severo at Hanger, in the Duomo in Naples.

The spectacular location that dates back to the beginning of the fifteenth century will make the atmosphere even more magical, transforming the aisles of the former church into a real dance floor worthy of a royal court. Romantics and dreamers be warned: this is an evening dedicated to you.