Free around Naples thanks to the service of Bike Sharing


Ten cyclostations bike already on urban land where you can take and then leave the bike. Bike sharing, mobility system bike already widespread in several European countries, is essentially a public transport service that is alternative or support the use of the bus and subway. How does this work? Soon said.

There are a hundred bikes in ten metro stations in central points of the city ranging from the central station to the waterfront. This is the list of 10 start-stop parking.

 Piazza Garibaldi

 Via Benedetto Brin (near parking Brin)

 Piazza Bovio

 Piazzetta Nilo

 Piazza Dante,

 Largo Enrico Berlinguer (metro Toledo)

 Via Vittorio Emanuele III (Angevin)

 Via Partenope (Castel dell).

A brief on even when Largo Donnaregina and Piazza Vittoria. In each of these stations every day from 7 to 22, you can take, even for more than once a day, a bicycle to move up to another parking station of the bike. Any use of the medium, however, should not exceed 30 minutes. Those who commit this error will then be penalized. You may not use the service for some time. As said the service is free. But here’s how to be able to take advantage.

Two steps. First, register on the site where for warranty, and only for this, you must indicate the number of your credit card (debit, prepaid, and with a Visa or MasterCard logo). Second, download the free “Bike Sharing Napoli” by the Apple store or Android. For those who do not have a smartphone, can request the delivery of a specific service dedicated to the magnetized card, which costs 6.50 euro. Made the two steps you can interact at each station connected to the internet via wifi: you choose a bike, you enter a code in the phone press the monitor of the same shelter (or it is the smart card) and you can partitre around Naples using bike and bringing it back within 30 minutes to another station.

So, or to take a nice walk and if you need an urgent means of locomotion from today Neapolitans have another solution. As a precaution of course, every bicycle is a small geographic location through GPS hooped it is traceable everywhere. All bikes have sympathetic prints, on the frame or on the rack, the typical slang expressions like “Statte accuorto ‘,’ A Madonna c’accumpagna!” and “Va ‘chiano!”:

It ‘important to remember that the Bike Sharing Naples is a project of the association CleaNap Winner of tender “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation” MIUR – PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, co-financed by the ERDF resources for the Convergence Regions.

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