Valentine’s Book Mob in San Domenico

book mob san valentino

Books, books, books… very strongly not necessarily love. This will be the leitmotif of fun free Book Mob organized by Librincircolo that after the great success achieved at Christmas, will again form the day of St. Valentine. The event is scheduled for noon, always in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore in Naples, where enthusiasts reading, Neapolitan and not, can take part in an unusual cultural event flash (the duration is just two minutes) during which you will exchange fortuitously, in a circle, the books that everyone brought, also already read. The only rule of the day: the volume pack carefully with paper love theme. The purpose of BookMob is to pull out the books from the shelves and bring them to new readers, through the game of chance. In summary: if you did not like a book, this present. If you liked, idem. Anyway, I’ll get one in return. A surprise. A gift that you can discard when you want, while your book is already in the hands of someone else. Soul of the rendez vous, we said, Librincircolo, that from birth, in 2005, has always had among its objectives the promotion of literary culture and passion for the book, intended as a physical object and emotional vehicle.