“BookMob” in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore


If you love to read, and you are in the historic center of Naples Saturday, December 20, at noon, do not take other commitments. “Arm yourself” rather than a book, you have already read, impacchettatelo well with Christmas paper and maybe inserted between pages also a colorful greeting card addressed to the future reader of the text. In Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, in fact, the 12 split, will form the original  “BookMob” devised by the cultural Librincircolo. The purpose is to pull out the books from the shelves and bring them to new readers, thanks to the play of chance.

Not surprisingly, participants must simply wrap the volume wishing to give and go to the meeting place at the appointed hour. Just enough time to create a big circle and, within two minutes, after the fateful “Via”, will be sharing the magic packet, after which each will end up with a new book in hand… surprise. The subsequent steps will be: greet new friends met for the occasion and unwrap the package to find out the title of the new book that has happened to us.