“Borgo in Festa” in Palma Campania

castello di palma campania

Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Will be the four elements of nature the common thread of the rich program of “Borgo in Festa”, the event that 23 to 31 January, will liven up the characteristic Castle area Palma Campania (Naples). An event marked by tradition, art, food and fun, pointing to the enhancement and promotion of the beautiful village that surrounds the remains of the ancient manor Lombard. Start, January 23, at 17.30, in the street Tribucchi, with tradition chatelaine ignition strain followed by culinary moments, dances and folk music concert artist Antonio Marotta. The next day, in the theater hall, opening of the exhibition dedicated to Pietro Salvatore Caliendo – “The “Grand Wizard” Castle” and 19 theatrical-musical show “… and the music turns me around” with Maurizio Casagrande. Among other appointments, January 29, in the square and in the Church of St. John, with flag-waving parade, street performers and ancient dances, “siege” and traveling performances of the artists of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, a rich banquet and live of Ensamble Irpinia. 30, however, the opening of the photo exhibition “The earth and the faces of the Castle”, guided tours and educational workshops. Last day, January 31, with the exhibition of visual arts “The representation of the soul” and the inauguration of the section dedicated to the painter Andrea Caliendo and works contestants artistic photo. And, again, the projection of videos shot by House and Surace, to 17.30, closing show with contributions from all project participants and numerous guests.