At Boscoreale is all ready for the first edition of the festival of hazelnut


In ancient Rome it was considered as a good omen for happiness, equally the case in France where it was visited as a gift to the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility.
We’re talking about hazel, one of the typical products of the region of Campania, in which the town of Boscoreale dedicates a festival to be held from September 26 to 28 in 2014.
But let’s see in detail the program.
The gastronomic event, sponsored by the City, conceived and organized by the cultural association “Silva Regia” in collaboration with the association “AC Marilyn” was born from the need to promote and enhance the natural resources of Terra Felix, among which rightfully put the old fruit vitamins.
Recall that near the town which lies on the slopes of Vesuvius, there are dozens hectares of land used as hazel, especially in the rural area and in the center.

So what better way to enjoy a lot of beautiful nature, if not through a three-day wine tasting?
Theatre dell’irresistibile event, which will take place from 18.00 to 23.30, will square Vargas, where they will set up food stands, accompanied by games, vocal performances by young local artists, dance, cabaret, tammorre and performance of local actors that will delight the many visitors realized.
But that’s not all because on Saturday evening awards and plaques will be awarded to individuals and local artists who, through their work, have helped to bring out the local boundaries a positive image of the country.
A moment of celebration that we hope lasts even after the contingency of time and it can really turn into a showcase of “permanent” of the infinite resources of the region of Campania.

“The I edition of the festival of hazelnut”
26-28 September 2014
Piazza Vargas, Boscoreale (Na)
Information and program: