Between music and tasting: Bruno in the garden at San Giorgio a Cremano

Drink, street food e artisti ogni giovedì (fino al 13 luglio) nei giardini nella settecentesca Villa Bruno

Villa Bruno a San Giorgio a Cremano

Spending the summer afternoons in the gardens, beetwen music and tasting of typical products, is also possible in the heart of San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples). Today, starting from 6.30 pm and all Thursday until July 13 in the eighteenth-century Villa Bruno, the Cremano Giovani association organizes “Bruno in The Garden“, an original event that allows anyone who wants to enjoy the green spaces of the Vesuvius home by listening the engaging rhythm of emerging musicians from Campania among local products and drinks.

Bruno in the Garden
22 and 29 June/06 and 13 July
Gardens of Villa Bruno
San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples)
Start 6:30 pm end 11:00 pm
free entry