Treasure hunts, tastings and dress parades: Capri is Carnival time

Capri, Piazza Umberto I la celebre "Piazzetta"

The Azur Island wearing the colors of the party. On the way to Capri manifestations of Carnival, sponsored by the City and edited by the Forum dei Giovani. It starts tomorrow, Thursday February 12, with a meeting with chess. It then continues on Friday and Saturday with a treasure hunt for kids and the photo exhibition “The Queen of the Carnival” set up in the hall of council of the municipality. Sunday morning there will be the parade of the court and children dressed in the famous Piazzetta and in the afternoon the parade of floats from Piazzale Europa up to the Piazzetta, which will be followed shows, competitions and other initiatives that will be proposed also on Monday. For Tuesday, finally, there are shows, games, initiatives, “food tastings of King Carnival“, a display of rhythmic gymnastics and the ball end with the awards of the best form and the best masked group.